I am a freelance copyeditor living in my native Colorado, where that big radioactive ball in the sky shines way too much, and there is far too little mysterious fog. I’ve lived many places, including Italy and the French Alps, where I worked with my husband at a high adventure camp.

I write indie book reviews for BlueInk Review and blog for Relief: A Journal of Art and Faith (Relief.com). I’ve published two books on my journey into Eastern Orthodoxy (Regina Orthodox Press), and my essays and short fiction have appeared in several formats, one of which garnered a notable mention in 2012 Best American Essays. I enjoy social dancing, hiking, crazy YouTube videos, fog, and church stuff.

But who am I, really? Just that person who would rather write than breathe; who works out only so she can bear to sit for the next six hours at the computer; who is passionate about writing exciting historical stories that people will find almost impossible to put down. I want to send every reader under the covers with a flashlight till 3 am. Yeah, that person.

Toni Morrison is right. If there’s a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it. For me, Gold in Havilah, Ashes Like Breadand all the upcoming books in my Thrones of Genesis series are those books.  


Relief Journal: Art and Faith Unbound

My 400-word essays on art, literature and spirituality