I am a freelance copyeditor and author living in my native Colorado. I’ve lived many other places as well, including a small town in Washington State, two Italian cities, and directly on a French alp, where I worked fourteen years at a high adventure camp.

I write indie book reviews for BlueInk Review and ReedsyI’ve published two books on my journey into Eastern Orthodoxy (Regina Orthodox Press), as well as two novels. Ashes Like Bread won the 2019 Readers’ Favorite bronze medal in Christian Fantasy. 

I enjoy dancing, insanely long walks, overcast days, and church stuff. I would rather write than breathe, though fortunately one can do both simultaneously. I’m passionate about crafting exciting stories featuring biblical characters who are comfortingly flawed. For only by making mistakes, sometimes enormous ones, do any of us learn the wonder of true grace.


Relief Journal: Art and Faith Unbound

My 400-word essays on art, literature and spirituality