Sweet as Honey, Solid Gold, and a New Book Award

I’m thrilled to announce that the audiobook for my latest supernatural fiction novel, The Seed Bearer’s Bride, is now available on Audible. My fabulous Canadian voice actor, Talita Jolene, is a gifted artist in many areas, with a voice that’s sweet as honey and solid gold. A true intuitive, Talita’s voice adapted perfectly to the kind of fiction I write, full of its flawed and winsome little known Old Testament characters who battle fallen angels, giants, snake ladies and minotaurs every day on a strange and wondrous earth, just like the rest of us.

Contact me using my contact form if you’d like a complimentary copy of the audiobook, in exchange for some stars on Audible.com

It’s also really nice to receive an award for The Seed Bearer’s Bride. The book is a finalist in the 2021 Foreword Indies book award contest for religious fiction. I’m getting positive reviews, and am so happy readers like the concept, plot, and characters. I just love bringing ancient history to life.

I’m working hard on the next book in the series. It features the mystical Enoch, the man who walked into heaven in middle age (365 years old) instead of dying like the rest of the antediluvians in those strange centuries before Noah’s flood (See Genesis 5:23-24). What kind of person might Enoch have been, this guy who is mentioned in several places throughout the Bible besides Genesis, is featured in the apocryphal Book of Enoch, and who “walked with God” so closely that God “took him” from the earth while still alive.

Like many people who turn out to be great, I believe this Genesis patriarch didn’t have it all figured out from the beginning. He had to grow into his greatness. On the day he disappeared from the earth, he probably still didn’t have every duck in a row. I’ll bet he left more than a little unfinished business behind–messy relationships, unfulfilled goals, and all the rest. I’m also guessing this amazing man could hardly bear to leave the woman he loved. In fact, I’m counting on it. It cost Enoch dearly to walk with God as closely as he did. It costs anyone who tries.

Stay tuned.

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