Getting Rid of Cain

“Cain flying before Jehovah’s Curse,”  Fernand-Anne Piestre Cormonc. 1880, Musée d’Orsay, Paris.


I’m happy to announce a republishing of Gold in Havilah: A Novel of Cain’s Wife through Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. The challenge of editing to Westbow’s specifications was a great learning experience; I’m glad I made the effort and am satisfied with the results. Click on any of the Buy buttons here on my site and the little publisher’s helper out there in cyberspace will patch you through to Amazon or Westbow. The prices are the same both places.

Meanwhile, I’m smitten, dizzy-in-love with the plot and characters in my second book in this series of ancient fiction stories centered around the early chapters of Genesis. The working title is, for the moment, Zyla: A Seer’s Tale. I’ll do a couple of things in this book, the first being to introduce an amazing new female lead, Zyla, one of the wives of the infamous Lamech, sixth from Cain and the first bigamist mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 4:19). Zyla is a cerebral, willful woman with a prophetic gift who must learn to use her gifting wisely. Being a book character, that’s going to be harder for her than it should, because that is how book characters are. Just like in the movies, these guys always, always go into the dark, creepy house while you pull at your hair and scream, “DON’T GO IN!”

I’ll also satisfy the curiosity of some of my readers who have been asking, “So what happened to Cain?” They’re right, for after all, I did leave Cain’s miserable self pretty stranded at the end of Gold, without a resolution to his story. Readers’ interest in Cain’s outcome made me realize I hadn’t yet exhausted my treatment of this annoying villain, the world’s first murderer. I promise I’ll sate people’s appetite for more about Cain, and his measly seven generations of progeny as well.

So get ready for Cain on steroids, with his scabs and scars and bad attitude and all the rest, just as you enjoyed him in Gold. And get ready to like Zyla, even if she does have to learn everything the hard way, which shouldn’t sound too unfamiliar to most of us.

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  1. Julie Payne
    Julie Payne says:

    Exciting news about Westbow Press, and very exciting to know there is a second book in the works. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Jesse Hoefling
    Jesse Hoefling says:

    I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying “Gold in Havilah.” Your dense writing style always gives me so much to grab onto, and puts a perfect picture of the characters in my head. I am looking forward to what else you will be publishing in the near future.

  3. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    No one is more excited than I am about the new book coming out! I absolutely loved Gold in Havilah! I honestly do not know if I have ever read a more thought provoking Biblical novel that was so well written. The depth of human and carnal emotions were intense! God has truly blessed you Jean with an absolutely amazing gift of human expression and emotion. Your writing takes us to the very core of carnality and the struggles that we all have in finding God in our every circumstance in life. You have shown us desire, despair, loss, faith, passion and the spiritual warfare that we encounter daily. What an amazing and profoundly written book! A 10+!

    • Jean Hoefling
      Jean Hoefling says:

      Thank you Sheila and all for your encouraging comments. I loved writing Gold in Havilah. In my upcoming book, Zyla: A Seer’s Tale, a young Sethite woman richly blessed with intuitive gifts must learn patience and humility before she finds peace.


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